CSV data import

Cashboard allows you to upload Comma Separated Value files to import data from other programs, or simply bulk load data you've created in a spreadsheet program.

CSV files can be created by using Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Apple Numbers, or even a text editor.

If you're moving from another project management or time tracking system, there's a great chance that you can export your data as CSV files for import into Cashboard.

Only employees of your company with Cashboard Administrator access may use our import features.

Expected File and Data Formats

CSV files should be 5mb in size or smaller.

  • Larger files will be rejected.
  • If you have larger files, please split them into smaller pieces.

CSV files for Cashboard should follow the listed formats below, although we do allow for some wiggle room. The field order doesn't matter so much as long as you have all pieces of required data for creating an object.

Example Files

CSV files are expected to start with a header row, which contains the labels for each field. Because of this, the first row of any file you import will be ignored and not treated as data.

  • All dates should be in MM/DD/YYYY format, and will be parsed as such.
  • Dollar amounts should be expressed in USA numerical format with a period "." marking a decimal place. ** No currency symbols should be included.
  • Boolean (true/false) values should be expressed as "true"/"false" or "1"/"0"

Import Process

  1. Click the CREATE menu, then select Import.
  2. Select a type of data to import, and choose a file to be uploaded.
  3. Map your fields using the final page, then the import will run.

After import you will be shown how many items have been created, and how many failed to import. You will also be shown the reasons for those import failures, and be able to download a CSV file of failed entries for you to edit and re-upload if you wish.

Data that can be imported


Uploading a contacts.csv file actually allows you to create three data objects at once…

  • Client Companies
  • Client Contacts
  • Employees

Employee Creation

The main factor in what type of object gets created is the Companies field. If you type your company's name in that field they will become an employee and be given regular employee access. You may not create Cashboard Administrators via the bulk upload tool - but you can change their access level after they've been created.

Client Contact and Company Creation

If you specify any other value than your company's name inside the Companies field, we will search your account for that company name, and create one if it doesn't exist.

You may also assign a person to multiple companies at once by separating company names with a semicolon like so: "Company One;Company Two;Company Three".


Uploading an expenses.csv only allows you to create only Expense entries.


Importing an invoices.csv file can create Invoices and Payments for those Invoices. We do not support creation of individual or specific line items for Invoices.

Invoice Field Notes

Client Invoices imported via CSV must belong to a _Client_. The _Client_ field will search for a Client Company, then Client Contact by using the name entered. If nothing is found within the system a new _Client Company_ will be created.
Total Invoices will be created with one line item reflecting the entire balance.
Paid On If there is a date in the _Paid On_ field for any invoice we will create a payment for the full amount on the date specified.


Payments imported via CSV must belong to a Client.

Payment Field Notes

Client Will search for a Client Company, then Client Contact by using the name entered. If nothing is found within the system a new _Client Company_ will be created.

Time Entries

Uploading a time_entries.csv file also allows you to create multiple data objects at once:

  • Time Entries
  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Tasks

All time entries must be assigned to a Client, Project, and Task. Entries without these fields specified will be rejected by the importer.

We search to find existing Clients, Projects, then Tasks, and if none exist create them in that order.

Time Entry Field Notes

Client Will search for a Client Company, then Client Contact by using the name entered. If nothing is found within the system a new _Client Company_ will be created.
Project Will search for a _Project_ that belongs to the specified _Client_. If none is found, one will be created. If you are not on our DYNAMIC account plan and _you're above your active project limit_ any projects created will be immediately archived.
Task Will search for a _Task_ that belongs to the _Project_ and _Client_ specified. If no Task for the Project is found, one will be created.
Hours Internally we track hours by the minute, but we accept hourly input in either 1.5 or 1:30 formats to represent 90 minutes, or 1 and 1/2 hours.
Person We look up employees of your company using a "first-name last-name" pattern. Time entries without a recognized _Person_ will be associated with the Cashboard Account Owner.

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