Multi currency billing

Cashboard not only supports nearly 50 different currencies, but now you can bill your clients in a different currency than your own.

Setting your client's Home Currency

Inside Cashboard, all figures are shown in the currency for your account. However, if you work with a client that's outside of your country you might want to also display figures in their home currency.

When editing your client's information under the Contacts tab, you'll notice there's a drop-down box labeled Home Currency. When set, figures will be shown in your currency and theirs.

These translated figures are calculated automatically, using the day's latest exchange rate. We download exchange rates once per day.

Please note...

These figures will help give your client an approximate value for reference, but keep in mind that if they're paying you online the payment will still be made in your own currency.

We do not support setting fixed exchange rates on a per-invoice basis at this time.

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