Scheduled invoices

Scheduled invoices allow you to bill your clients at some time in the future, on an ongoing basis.
You might also call these "recurring invoices."

Cashboard scheduled invoice

Scheduled invoices can happen at any frequency you choose

  • Intervals
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  • Day of the Month
    • The 1st and the 15th, the 30th, etc...
  • One-time
    • Create an invoice once, then have the schedule delete itself.

Default Items

Creating invoices automatically wouldn't be much help without item templates.
Cashboard has you covered with Default Items

Default items allow you to specify fixed costs that will always be included on invoices created from a schedule.

For example...

This is great for companies that bill monthly for fixed costs like web hosting, alarm monitoring, etc. You don't have to tie scheduled invoices to any particular project or estimate.

Import items from projects

Billable time and expenses can be imported automatically when a scheduled invoice is created. This is truly "set it and forget it" billing.

Sending invoices automatically

Invoices are created automatically, and sent when you choose. When a scheduled invoice is created you will get an email letting you know.

You can either have the invoice automatically send when created - or you can log into your account and modify it before sending it out yourself.

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