Why doesn't Cashboard have a crippled FREE account?

Quite simply - you don't work for free, and neither do we.

Our service is a Premium offering, used by serious businesses to improve their productivity and make more money. We'd rather not have customers evaluate our service based on "cut down" features, or "half a program".

We're going to let you in on a little secret - software providers offer you "FREE" accounts in various degrees for two reasons:

  1. They figure they can convert you into a paying customer some day
  2. They're selling you ads or selling your information to other companies

We tested having different variations of "FREE" accounts during our first six years in business. We fell into the trap of the first item above, believing that if we kept improving the service, adding things you just couldn't resist that most of you would upgrade. It didn't happen.

What happened instead was the exact opposite!

Free account holders complained that our free account didn't do "enough". We kept increasing the features our free account had until it cannibalized our sales - and people still complained. Providing a free account was shooting ourselves in the foot.

Moving forward, we've chosen instead to focus on creating the best possible service for customers who support what we do. We've chosen to be paid for our hard work, just like you are - and refuse to ever sell ad space inside the app or sell your information.

Thanks for your support.

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