Invoicing for time & expenses

After you've tracked some billable time entries or expenses you'll probably want to bill them to your clients. Billing for these items in Cashboard is a snap, and can happen in a few different places.

  1. Cashboard home

    Projects to invoice screen

    Under the Projects to invoice section of your home screen, you'll see projects that have pending, uninvoiced items logged against them.

    To create an invoice and import all of these items, simply click the Invoice button in the proper row.

  2. The project screen

    If you're on the Project Bulletin Board, click the Invoice button there, and the same thing will happen as explained above.

  3. From within an invoice

    Importing items this way allows you a bit more flexibility, as you can bring in time and expenses from multiple projects at the same time.

    Importing time & expenses

    When creating or editing an invoice you'll be presented with a list of projects that have uninvoiced items logged against them. Select a date range, then each project you'd like to import items from. Items will be imported when you save the invoice.

    You're also able to restrict the date range for the items you'd like to import. This is great if you only need a subset of items - but remember, you can always remove individual time and expense entries when editing an invoice later on.

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