Sending your first invoice

If you only want to send invoices Cashboard certainly is up to the task.
You don't have to use the other parts of the application at all.

Jump right in, click the Create menu, then select Invoice.

Creating a new invoice in Cashboard

From here you can create and select a client without navigating to another part of the application. Add any custom notes you'd like to send to your client, then move on to adding items.

Adding invoice items

At the bottom of the screen you'll see a button that says Add Item. From here you can add items, charging on a quantity/price per basis, flat fee, or combination of both.

Adding line items to an invoice

Cashboard remembers items you've used previously, and they're presented to you in a slick menu as you type in a title. To re-use an item just click one from the menu.

Sending the invoice

After saving your invoice, you can then Send it via email, or Download a PDF, print that, and snail mail it to your clients.

Cashboard also integrates with Postal Methods, and they can mail your invoices directly from the computer.

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