Emails from Cashboard

Where email comes from

User-related emails sent from Cashboard will come from your account owner's email address. It's a wise idea to check your own email to make sure that they aren't bouncing.

Emails for commentable items (invoices, estimates, payments) will come from a unique Cashboard email address. This email address will look something like app+[unique id]

Doing so allows Cashboard to track comments on your documents, which you can refer back to at a later date.

Cashboard welcome messages

When you create your clients by default they will not receive an email.

You must make sure to check the small box underneath the email text area
that reads "Send welcome email with generated password".

This option is off by default.

Also have them check their SPAM folders to make sure the emails aren't being caught by an overzealous spam filter.

If you'd like to send a user (client or employee) their sign up email again

  • View their information from the Contacts tab
  • Select Edit from the menu that appears next to their name (in the 3rd panel)
  • Click on the "Reset password and send welcome email notification" link

Customizing emails

Any email send from Cashboard may be customized under the Settings > Templates screen if you are a paying Cashboard customer.

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