Document numbering / assigned id

Cashboard allows you to have your own numbering scheme for Invoices, Estimates, and Payments. We've tried to make the numbering scheme as configurable and flexible as possible.

The system will default with a six digit number for all of these items (000000), but you can easily change the number / id when creating an item.

For instance... If you enter "020" as your first invoice ID, the next one you create will be numbered as "021".

From that point on the system will try to reproduce your numbering scheme when creating new items.

Number Prefixes

Letters "A-Z" and the characters "_" and "-" are recognized as prefix separators.

Let's say you enter an Invoice ID as "ABC001". The next invoice that gets created will default to having an ID of "ABC002", the following one "ABC003", and so on.

Other possible prefixes

  • 2009_001
  • COMPANY-001
  • ABC001

Smart sorting

Some customers of ours have to reset their invoice numbers each year. Cashboard can handle this as well.

Assume you're using the scheme "2009_001" for all invoices created in 2009...

When 2010 rolls around, manually enter "2010_001" for your next created invoice. All invoices created after that point will use the "2010_00X" numbering scheme.


If you somehow end up with a prefix or number that you don't like and you'd like to "start over" from a new number you can reset the numbering system.

To do so, visit the Settings > Preferences tab. You'll find a section there called Assigned ID Reset. Filling in values for the respective document types will reset Cashboard's numbering system and start incrementing using the number in each box.

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