Configuring Basecamp Classic integration

Cashboard allows you to import and sync all of your data with Basecamp Classic from 37 signals.

To get things started, you'll need to Enable API Access for your Basecamp Classic account

  • Login to your Basecamp Classic account as an administrator
  • Visit the Account tab (located on the upper-right hand side of the screen).
  • On the resulting page, scroll down to near the bottom and find the section titled Basecamp API. Follow the directions there to enable the API for Basecamp.


If you've enabled OpenID for your Basecamp account, instead please go to your My Info screen (inside Basecamp) and click the link to reveal a standard username and password. You will use this information for your API login credentials inside Cashboard.

Setup inside Cashboard

Basecamp Classic integration settings

  • Login to Cashboard as an administrator
  • Click the Settings link (top-right of your screen)
  • Click the Preferences sub-tab
  • Scroll down to the header that reads "Basecamp Integration Settings"

On this page, you'll need to turn on the checkbox and enter your Basecamp login information.

Finally, click the Save Preferences button.

This will attempt to connect to your Basecamp site given the login information you provided. If there is an error, Cashboard will let you know.

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