Employee permission levels

Inside Cashboard there are 3 levels of access for people that work for your company.

  1. Admins

    Can do anything inside Cashboard.

  2. Client Account Managers

    Can create and manage projects, invoices, estimates, and payments for clients they manage. Can't see financials for your entire company.

  3. Employees

    Can track tasks, time, and expenses for projects they're assigned to. Can't see any financial details, such as invoices.

Account Manager Permissions

To make an employee of your company an Account Manager, you'll need to edit their information from under the Contacts tab.

Tick each checkbox for the clients that they manage, and save their information by using the button at the bottom of the screen.

Afterwards, they'll have the ability to do the following:

  • Create and access projects, invoices, and estimates for clients they manage
  • Send any documents (invoices, estimates) they can access
  • View/edit any time and expenses for projects they manage
  • Create other clients, which they will automatically be assigned management access for

People had been asking for "project managers", but this takes things a step further, and meshes well with the overall feature set specific to Cashboard.

Remember - you can login and see things from any user's perspective in the system. Just view their information from under the Contacts tab, and from the menu on the right-hand side select "Login as..."

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