1-click server side timers

With our 1-click timers, you can start a timer on our web or mobile app - close the app, come back later - and the timer will still be running.

These timers run in the cloud so you never lose your data.

Cashboard daily timesheet view

How to use the web app timers

From inside Cashboard's Timesheet > Daily screen, you can start a new timer by saving an entry with no hours specified. If you leave your browser on the page, you'll see the timer automatically start incrementing time.

Stopping a timer is just as easy. Click the yellow button that shows time, and the timer will stop. You can even toggle between timers by clicking on another entry's time button.

The daily timesheet view is a great way to work if you tend to switch between multiple tasks and projects throughout the day.

Email alerts for long running timers

Because you can start a timer and leave our app it's sometimes easy to forget if you've left one running. If this happens, and you leave a timer running for over 12 hours we will automatically stop it and email you an alert.

The alert tells you how much time was on the clock when you started it - and how much time elapsed.

Rounding time entries

Cashboard also gives you the ability to round all time entries created via timer.

If you're using our 1-click timers in either our web or mobile app Cashboard will intelligently round these entries up to the nearest minute by default.

However, changing this is easy - and you can round to the nearest increment that suits your fancy (1, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30)

To switch this preference, go to the Settings > Preferences screen.

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