Payroll reporting and tracking

Cashboard supports simple payroll tracking for your employees who log time.

Using our payroll tool you can report on employee costs for time entries during any date range.

The Payroll Report works by pulling time entries and multiplying them by each employee's pay rate on a per-project basis. You can then create expenses logged against a project that will offset how much you're making, giving you an accurate picture of profit on a project by project basis!

Cashboard payroll report tool

Here's how it works

  1. Set your employee's pay rates

    First, set an employee's pay rate when assigning them to a project. This can be done by editing the employee under our Contacts tab, or by editing the project itself.

  2. Employees track time

  3. You invoice for time entries that have been marked billable

  4. Reconcile payroll

    • Go to the Home > Reports > Payroll screen.
    • From here, you can run reports on your employee's billable time over any date range.

      After running a report, you'll see rows of employees listed - with the amount they're owed. Simply click the Reconcile Payroll link in each row to create non-rebillable expenses that will be logged against the project that employees worked on.

Doing this allows you to track profitability on a per-project basis by
using our Project Cost vs Profit report.

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