How to track time

In Cashboard, all time entries must be tracked against tasks - which live inside projects.

To start tracking time, you'll need to do the following:

Time entries can be logged from within the Project Bulletin Board, Daily or Weekly Timesheet, from Cashboard Mobile, and our Time tracking widget.

Hours can be input in HH:MM (hours/minutes) format, or as a floating point value (1.5 = 1 hour, 30 minutes).

Working on multiple projects

If you tend to work on lots of projects within the same day, you'll probably feel most comfortable logging all of your time from our Daily Timesheet.

Cashboard daily timesheet

This view allows you to see all time entries for a single day at a time. It's great for clocking in and out of tasks.

Cashboard 1-click timers

Cashboard supports "clocking in and out" with our innovative 1-click server side timers.

These timers exist on our Daily Timesheet, Project Bulletin Board, and inside our mobile time tracking app for iPhone and Android.

Entering time after the fact

If you're not interested in logging time as you go, you'll probably prefer our Weekly Timesheet. This view lets you enter time for all days in a week at once.

Cashboard weekly timesheet

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