Sync projects with Basecamp Classic

Cashboard allows you to synchronize all of your project todo items and time entries with Basecamp Classic. This is a great option if you'd like to mange your projects and tasks inside Basecamp, but bill for them inside Cashboard.

Many of our customers work this way to generate invoices, and have said that we have the most complete Basecamp sync on the market.

Linking Basecamp Classic projects

There's two ways to link Basecamp and Cashboard projects.

Importing projects from Basecamp

When creating a new project, select the "Copy settings from Basecamp" link. Your active list of projects will be fetched from Basecamp, and you will be allowed to choose one to import.

Creating new Cashboard proejct

After creating your project the system will prompt you to start synchronizing data.

Linking pre-existing Cashboard projects with Basecamp

  • Visit the Cashboard project you'd like to link with Basecamp
  • Hover over the project name in the titlebar, then select Edit Preferences
  • Select a Basecamp project from the drop-down menu
  • Press the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Sync data between Cashboard and Basecamp Classic Projects

Synchronizing Basecamp data with Cashboard

You'll notice a new 'Sync' button for projects that are linked with Basecamp.
This button allows you to control how data will be synchronized between systems.


If checked, all to-do items that don't currently exist in Cashboard as tasks will be imported.
You can also control if you want to import completed items or not.


If checked, all tasks from Cashboard will be pushed to Basecamp.


You can also sync the status of already imported and exported items. Just choose which system will be the "master" for the sync, and let the system do the rest. No more double entry!

Unlike some other systems, this allows you to choose where and how you manage your tasks. Create or update tasks in either program and sync as you see fit.

A note about importing Time Entries

Importing time entries from Basecamp for people that don't exist in Cashboard will automatically create them an account. A welcome email will not be sent for people created in this manner (but you can send one later).

Exporting time entries for people that don't exist in Basecamp will assign those entries to the account you're using for API access. Unfortunately the Basecamp API does not support creation of Basecamp accounts.

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