Accepting credit card payments with

Are you getting paid on time?
We can help by letting your customers pay you online with a credit card.

If your Cashboard account has been configured to accept payments via and your clients view an unpaid invoice, they will be given the opportunity to pay right from the page with a credit card.

After a payment is made, it will automatically be entered into your Cashboard account. You will also receive a notification email that a payment has been made. Your clients will never have to leave Cashboard for you to get paid.

Obtaining an account

How to get your API information

For existing customers, here's how to get your API information.

  1. Visit and click on the Merchant Login link at the upper-right portion of the screen
  2. After you've logged in, click the Settings link, under 'Account', on the left hand side, near the bottom of the page
  3. From the resulting page that opens, click on the _ API Credentials & Keys_ link

Write down both the API Login ID and Transaction Key. These are what you'll put into Cashboard.

Configuring Cashboard with your API Login ID and Transaction Key

  1. Login to your Cashboard account as an administrator.
  2. Click on the Settings link
  3. Click on the Preferences sub-tab
  4. Scroll down until you "Payment Gateway Settings"
  5. Select Accept payments using, and enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key
  6. Press the Save Payment Settings button

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