Client interface

The Cashboard web app has two different interfaces.

  1. A Provider Interface (for you)
  2. A Client Interface (for your customers)

The client interface is what they see when visiting a link to pay an invoice or view an estimate.

By default, Cashboard provides your clients with an auto-login link for all documents sent from the service. This means they usually won't have to enter a password when viewing something directly from email.

Login as client menu

However, these auto-login links expire after 14 days. If they click on a link after this period, they'll be asked to login with an email address and a password, just like you are.

By default, all clients are created with a blank password, so they can just enter their email address to login.

Logging in as a client

If you're curious to see what the Cashboard client UI looks like, do this

  • Create a 'test' client from the Contacts tab
  • Click the Menu button that appears next to their name while viewing their information
  • Select Login as client

Clients see things a bit differently than you, including a simplified invoice view that allows them to make a credit card payment online if you've connected with one of our payment processors.

Let clients track your progress

If you've got clients who want to monitor your work as you go, you can instruct them to view a Project Progress Report. Simply have them login to Cashboard with their email address, and they can view all projects you're working on for them.

They get to see a read-only view of projects - including tasks that are being done, and time being logged.

Billable vs Non-billable time

You have total control over what time entries are shown to your clients and when.

Time entries never get shown to your clients if they're marked non-billable.

Controlling when billable time gets seen

While editing a project's preferences you're presented with the following options.

Show time to client

  • When invoiced
  • When marked billable
  • Never

This allows you to be totally transparent about your work in progress, enables you to refine time entries as you go along, or hide entries from your clients all together.

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