Working with deposits

If you work as a freelancer there's a good chance you take money up front from your clients. Cashboard allows you to work with deposits in two very straightforward ways.

  1. Manually record deposits

    Create a payment by selecting Payment from the Create menu at the top of the screen.

    Cashboard will understand that your client has an outstanding credit - as long as the payment has not been applied to any invoices.

  2. Accept payments for Deposit Invoices

    Deposit Invoices act just like real invoices - with one exception… any payment collected for a Deposit Invoice will still be available as outstanding credit to be applied to a real invoice at a later date.

    This allows you to send a request for deposit payment up front to your clients.

    Clients can still pay online, and the funds collected will be held as an outstanding credit until they've been applied to a real invoice.

Applying deposits to real invoices

Any invoice created for a client with an outstanding credit will prompt you to apply it as a payment, automatically.

Applying outstanding credit to an invoice

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