Project and employee billing rates

Cashboard projects have three billing types you can select from. The project billing preference you choose determines how it will be invoiced, or if it can be invoiced at all.

  1. Task rate (default)

    Hours will be invoiced at the rate set on a per-task basis.

  2. Employee rate

    Invoices tasks on your project at the rate set for each employee tracking time for it. When invoiced, tasks will be broken into multiple invoice line items - one per employee who tracked time on the task.

  3. Non-billable / internal

    All time tracked for this project is marked non-billable. These types of projects will also not show up on your dashboard under the "projects to invoice" section.

Task Rates

Task rate

These rates are set by editing tasks while viewing a project.
Regardless of who tracks time, all hours will be billed at a set rate for the task.

You can set a default rate for all tasks by editing a project's preferences.

Employee Rates

Employee bill and pay rates

If you're a consulting firm you'll appreciate this next feature. Employees can be billed and paid different rates.

Bill rate is the amount your client will be charged hourly on an invoice for all work an employee does, and pay rate will be how much you pay them when managing payroll.

Bill and pay rates may be set while viewing a project, or by editing an employee under the Contacts tab.